To find shelter by moving from one person's house or apartment to another, sleeping on the couch.
couch-hop v.
couch-hopper n.
Example Citation:
The first night Josh spent with his friend who worked the overnight shift at a gas station kiosk. The second night was much tougher, one of the city's men's shelters where the good-looking 17-year-old Josh was called "fresh meat." He barely slept and vowed never to return.
The following weeks were survived couch-hopping from friend to friend until a bed opened at Notre Dame House, an emergency shelter for street youths located in an old home near the corner of James and Cannon streets.
— Agnes Bongers, "Give me shelter," The Hamilton Spectator, February 5, 2000
Earliest Citation:
Joan Cassese split from her husband of 10 years in 1992, setting off to start a new life. But when lurching earth crumbled her Woodland Hills apartment last month, she tumbled back in time. For one awkward night, Cassese moved in with The Ex — and has been couch-hopping ever since.
— John M. Glionna, "Earthquake: The long road back," Los Angeles Times, February 16, 1994
Couch-hopping is also called couch surfing or hidden homelessness. Thanks to Brian Kariger for suggesting today's word. Also to Travis Smith, who told me about the "couch-surfing" synonym.
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